Eyelash Extension Mascara
BEST MASCARA for Longer More Dramatic Eyelashes

The Secret to Never Needing False,
Eyelashes Again

What Is Collection By Bunny Eyelash Extension

In Just Seconds, Collection By Bunny Eyelash Extension Mascara Extends Your Eyelashes To Dramatic Lengths. The Revolutionary Mascara Instantly Adds Inches To Your Own Lashes, Giving You A Fabulous False Lash Extension Finish.

What to Expect When Using Collection By Bunny
Eyelash Extension Mascara

Unlike Traditional Fiber Mascaras, Collection By Bunny Allows You To Dial Up The Lengthening Fibers So You Easily Get Better, Longer, Thicker, More Dramatic Lashes Instantly.




Advantages Of Our Eyelash Extension Mascara:

  • Look Younger And Sexier
  • No More False Eyelashes
  • Looks Natural
  • Thousands Of Women Around The World Have Fallen
    In Love With Our Eyelash Extension Mascara
  • It Is Waterproof: Cry And Sweat Proof
  • Up To 80 Applications Per Set- 4 Months of Use
  • Does Not Clump, Smudge Or Run.
  • Eyelash Extensions Are Comfortable To Wear.
  • Ideal For Sensitive Eyes And Contact Lens Safe.

What Our Eyelash Extension Mascara Will Do For You?

  • Long Lashes Are A Universal Symbol Of Beauty
  • Studies Show That Show That People Are Attracted To Women With Beautiful Eyes
  • Long Lashes Can Make You Look Incredibly Attractive In Just A Matter Of Minutes.
  • The Perfect Eyelash Is The Shortcut To Applying Make-Up.
  • Make You Look Fantastic For Weddings, Proms, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Parties, And Dates With That Special
    Someone. Gives That Edge Of Glamour For Everyday Use.

How To Use The Eyelash Extension Mascara

Easy Application In 60 Seconds.

Just 2 Products In 3 Simple Steps

No Mess, No Fuss. No Glue Or False Lashes.

Our Testimonials:

Wow. I can't believe how awesome this stuff is! I purchased this mascara/eyelash extender kit because I have light colored short sparse lashes and these transformed my eyes. I wear light make up and a little mascara to work everyday. When I got this kit in the mail I decided to try it on a work day. I wore my normal amount of make up with the addition of the eyelash product. I got 2 comments immediately. First was "wow you are glowing today!" Second was "you look beautiful with make up". I literally had a crowd of women surrounding me asking where I purchased this and wanting the link to this product. I am very impressed that coworkers noticed the difference in my eyes even wearing my glasses. I prefer a more natural look and these extensions do not look fake at all. You could tell I was wearing mascara but the lashes look authentic. I purchased this product during a promotion try and share my experience. I will definitely be purchasing this product again. The results are amazing!